Become a job alert Jedi

You have probably just registered with us or may have been using us for some time, either way, thank you for choosing AoC Jobs!

So the last thing we want to do is send you a whole load of emails that you just simply ignore because they aren't relevant to what you are looking for.  In fact, we can be as bold to say that we both want the same thing! We want to send you an occasional job alert that is relevant to what you are wanting, you subsequently look at the email and then apply for the job. Happy Days!

This helpful top tip guide will give you all the information you need to reduce the deluge of emails you potentially may get from us and enable you to become a Job Alert Jedi.

What are Job Alerts and how do I get them

Email alert

Job Alerts are bespoke emails that are set up by you and are based on your job search preferences.  You are able to set up to five different alerts, as well as manage them (including changing the frequency from daily too weekly) or delete them through the your jobs section in your AoC Jobs job seeker account. Alternatively, you can simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each job alert you have set up, to stop receiving future emails.

You can sign up to job alerts through three methods:

  1. Through our job alert form -
  2. Through searching for jobs and clicking on the 'email jobs' button
  3. By ticking 'Yes please. I'd like to receive career related emails from AoC Jobs.' box, when applying for CV application jobs

Tip 1 - Amend your job alerts on a regular basis

Let's face it things change and sometimes quicker than you think. This is why we allow you to easily manage your job alerts through the your jobs section in your AoC Jobs job seeker account. From here you amend or delete different alerts based on your current job search profile. This way we are not sending you emails that are irrelevant and you don't get annoyed with our job alerts.

Manage Alerts

Tip 2 - Change daily alerts to weekly

When you set up a new alert you can specify whether you want the alert daily or weekly. When choosing broad terms such as all teaching jobs in London, this will mean that you will get loads of daily alerts and in all likelihood every day of the year.  Therefore why not change it to weekly to reduce the number of emails you get from us.  If you choose to go with the weekly option, you can even specify which particular day of the week you want the alert to be sent to you. We would recommend picking a day that you are not super busy, such as a Sunday? That way you will look at the email rather than ignoring it.

Tip 3 - Be more specific but not too specific

When setting up your alerts based on the role you are looking for.  Don't ask to get all teaching roles UK wide, when ideally you are wanting all part-time maths teaching jobs within a 20-mile radius of London.  To be more specific simply click on  'More options' section of the alert page.  You will now see a wider range of options that you can select to make sure your alert, is more tailored around your needs.  On the reverse, don't over specify as that will mean we just won't send you anything, especially if you are desperate to move jobs soon.  In addition, please be realistic with your alerts as we never likely to have a teaching role that pays £60,000 that is part-time and allows you to work from home, so don't set up an email alert to match those requirements.

Email alert form


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