Hugh Baird College

About Hugh Baird College

Hugh Baird ImageWhat makes Hugh Baird College a great place to work? Is it the place? The students? The staff? It’s all of those, and something else as well, the impossible-to-measure “buzz”, the feeling that this is somewhere where things happen. Hugh Baird is an average further education College that is anything but average.

Whether you are a bricklayer eager to pass on the skills you have learnt on the site or fresh from university looking to start a career, there is something for you at Hugh Baird.

If you join our team you will be working with enthusiastic, dedicated colleagues and the most challenging and rewarding customers – our students. It won’t be easy, students can be very demanding.

You will find yourself really stretched to answer their questions and meet their expectations, but there is no feeling like knowing that you have made a difference, that you have started someone on a life-long career path. It’s quite a responsibility – are you up for it?

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