65 Live Assessor / Trainer Jobs

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Looking for a career as a trainer/assessor in a college or educational institution? Then this post was made just for you. There are various opportunities available for anyone looking to start a major career as an educational assessor in universities, colleges or other tertiary institutions.

To qualify as an ideal candidate for this job, you must show an exceptional passion and interest in teaching students, training them and also assessing their performance over the course of their training. You will also excel in this field if you have zero problems working in an educational institution or working on a busy schedule every day of the week.

In other to get the most of this amazing job opportunity, you must not only show skill and expertise in your relevant field but you must also show diligence, dedication, patience, and also demonstrate overall professionalism when it comes to handling your daily activities.

You must have a good experience of delivering functional skills to students, be very flexible and ready to go the extra mile when it comes to dealing with your learners, maintain a friendly and good professional approach at all times, have an exceptional communication skill both in verbal and written aspects. Good work presentation and organizational skills will also prove useful to you if you decide to take on this role.

Alongside the general qualifications that are required of you in this job, you are also expected to have some basic educational qualifications which include:

  • A training and teaching qualification.
  • Hold a recognized degree in any relevant field.
  • Hold an assessor qualification.
  • A previous experience as an educational assessor in any relevant field will also be an added bonus.
  • Have an exceptional IT skill.
  • Fluent in basic English language.

Having all these requirements will go a long way in helping you make the most of this opportunity when you take on this job.

You will play a vital part in the academic welfare of the students in the institution as you will be involved actively in both enrolling and coaching new learners through a suitable learning program, from induction to endpoint assessments and valid certifications. Your basic responsibilities will include:

1. Managing a caseload of new learners and coaching them through a high-quality learning program.

2. Delivering practical training and managing assessments in line with college curriculum.

3. Plan and deliver vocational training and workshop programs to students in the institution.

4. Observe and assess candidates in their respective workplace.

5. Assist heads of departments with the vocational programs and also make sure that they are up to date.

6. Take responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students you are assigned to.

7. Liaise and collaborate with course teachers to ensure that the programs you are training students on are up to date.

8. Attend and participate in meetings either within the institution or faculty as required.

9. Be ready to undertake any other duty as this job may require.

Is this what you can do? Hurry now and submit your applications if you feel this job is right for you.