10 Live Assistant / Deputy / Vice Principal Jobs

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Most people have a vague idea that a principal assistant job is pretty much the same thing as that of a principal; however, this belief is untrue in every sense. Assistant principals are needed in just as many ways as a principal is needed in every educational institution including colleges and universities.

Are you curious enough to find a career as an assistant principal? Are you desirous of playing a strong role in the administration of an educational institution? Then take this golden opportunity and apply for this job position.

This job is tailored ideally for someone who is very comfortable in a variety of educational settings including classrooms, teacher/ faculty meetings, and office functions. This job is fast paced and also requires good multitasking skills as well as strong leadership skills. You will find this opportunity stimulating as well as rewarding as you will be entitled to work hand in hand with the principal to make sure that his vision for the school is implemented properly.

As an assistant principal you will answer and report directly to the head principal and as such, accountability and good team working spirit are attributes that will be needed for this job. It will also be highly appreciated if you demonstrate a high level of creativity, ingenuity, good managerial ability, high level of organizational skills, maintain an exceptional communication skill and also be willing to adapt as any situation will demand.

Apart from the general qualifications that this job needs, there are other basic educational qualifications which will also come in handy. Some of these qualifications include:

  • Holding a relevant advanced level graduate degree in educational management and administration or other related fields.
  • Have a previous leadership experience as a college administrator for a minimum of 3 years.
  • A valid teaching credential will also be an additional bonus.
  • Good knowledge of computer usage.
  • Fluent in basic English language.

Taking up this position might seem stressful because you will be working on a hectic schedule to make sure that the goals of the school are actualized. Primarily you will be seen as a connecting factor between the school’s management and the students. There are fundamental roles which you will handle, and some of these roles will include:

1.    Assisting the principal in reviewing new programs, directing various academic activities and planning and also coordinating school functions.

2.    Assist the principal in overseeing and administering school policies.

3.    Participate actively in providing professional advice to the principal as regards college policies and implementation.

4.    Be responsible for the management and performance of some other departments directly under the management of the principal.

5.    Undertake any duty delegated by the principal.

6.    Participate in the recruitment and development of both the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.

7.    Communicate as appropriate with an internal and external staff of the institution about the general requirements of the school. 

8.    Be prepared to manage further responsibilities as this position may require.

All responsibilities listed can vary over time and are subject to change and review.

So if you are a perfect fit for this position, hurry now and start the necessary applications while this offer still exists.