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Are you looking to make a profitable career with your business and management studies degree? Then a job in an educational institution especially a college or even a graduate school might interest you. Many business and management studies enthusiast have built great careers by choosing to work in an academic institution, and you won’t be an exception if you take on this role.

This position should fit if you have a keen interest in marketing, sales, finance and not to forget teaching. Flexibility, innovation, creativity, accountability, and adaptability are among the core attributes you should possess if you want to succeed maximally in this role. You should demonstrate a good level of dedication, resilience, and patience towards not only your job but also in your relationship with the students in the institution. 

A good organisational skill is also a core requirement of this job; you should be able to effectively balance your responsibilities and duties to the school at all times. Maintaining a good communication skill is also important, you should be able to exhibit strong interpersonal skills in your communications with other staff of the institution. Ability to work collaboratively and independently to realize the goals of the institution will be sought after.

In addition to the attributes mentioned above which you should possess, you must possess some relevant educational qualification which includes:

  1. A degree in business and management studies from a recognised college.
  2. A master’s degree or a Post Graduate Diploma in education will come in handy if you are to lecture.
  3. A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in your field and working in an academic institution will be an edge.
  4. A basic understanding of English language.
  5. Good IT skills with the ability to use Microsoft office suite (word, outlook, and excel).

These qualifications must be strictly met for you to be duly considered for this position.

Your role in the institution will largely depend on the department you are assigned to. Basically, you can either perform administrative functions, academic functions or even a combination of both but nothing exceeding your capability will be assigned to you. Your basic responsibilities will include:

  • You will teach students in the institution.
  • You will provide a good subject coaching to help students in the institution earn a diploma in business and management studies.
  • You will contribute to course design, review, and development of business programs in the institution.
  • You will contribute to the examination, assessment and grading students’ performance in tests.
  • Undertake curriculum development when required.
  • Contribute to the development and formative assessment of student’s to ensure that learning meets individual needs in the institution.
  • Be involved in the planning and delivering of outstanding training programs and workshops for the benefit of students.
  • Promote the core academic values and goals of the institution.
  • Collaborate effectively with other staff of the institution.
  • Perform other related duties as this job will demand.

If you share a passion and commitment to helping young students achieve their academic dreams, then hurry and submit the necessary applications while this opportunity lasts.

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