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Construction / Building Trades Jobs

Are you interested in working closely with young students in the higher education sector as a teacher/tutor? Do you have a particular interest in teaching and promoting knowledge as well as equipping students with future and employability skills? Then make the most of this viable opportunity.

This position should suit you well if you are passionate about the teaching and learning process and you also have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of building and construction in general. To be considered as an ideal candidate for this position, you must be articulate, meticulous, possess a strong attention to detail. Also, you must be resilient and have a dodged determination to improve and promote academic excellence in your field of expertise. 

A great communication skill is also a requisite for this position; you should be able to communicate effectively both written and verbally to students and other members of staff in a clear and concise manner. An exceptional time management and organisational skill are also desired, you should show zero problems in balancing your workload effectively amidst competing priorities. 

Since a bulk of the responsibilities attached to this position demands team effort, you should be able to work and collaborate effectively with other members of staff as well as independently with little or no supervision. 

This role also demands that you possess some basic educational qualifications. Some of these qualifications will include-

  • A degree in construction and building or any other relevant field from a recognised institution.
  • A valid teaching qualification.
  • A basic understanding of English language.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years occupational work experience in the construction and building industry.
  • Must be proficient in basic IT skills including Microsoft office suite.

These qualifications are mandatory, and preference will be given to candidates who meet them.

This position comes with a wide range of responsibilities of which you will be directly responsible for. Some of these responsibilities will include-

  1. Maintaining a professional, well-organised and stimulating atmosphere that is conducive to students learning.
  2. Teaching and instructing building and construction classes for the benefit of the students in the institution.
  3. Preparing written materials and handouts that are descriptive, well-written, legible and explanatory for the benefit of the students.
  4. Develop and integrate skill competencies, goals and objectives of your field into students curriculum and lesson plans.
  5. Demonstrate effective teaching methods and techniques.
  6. Evaluate student’s academic progress following established institution assessment techniques and criteria.
  7. Collaborate with other academic staff of the institution to evaluate and meet students academic needs.
  8. Performs other related duties as will be required of this position
  9. Attend relevant staff development training as at when required.
  10. Maintain an accurate student attendance record.
  11. Utilise dynamic and flexible instructional approaches to engage students in learning activities in your field of expertise.
  12. Adhere to all rules, regulations, and policies governing the institution.

If you are excited about this opportunity and you consider yourself equal to task kindly submit the necessary applications.