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Special Education Needs (SEN)

If you are passionate about working in the higher education sector and you possess a good and positive approach to working with young students, then a career as a supported learning provider should suit you. This opportunity is open and available for candidates who have zero problems working in an educational institution, working actively to promote academic excellence among young students to enable them to achieve their potential optimally.

To be considered as an ideal candidate for this position you must show a clear evidence of an in-depth knowledge of your field of expertise and exhibit a genuine interest in teaching and educating students. You must be enthusiastic, proactive, committed and be able to maintain a flexible approach towards educating young students.

This position also demands that you possess an exceptional communication skill both in its written and verbal form; you must be able to communicate effectively to both the students and staff of the institution in a clear and concise manner. A good organisational and time-management ability is also desired, you must be able to prioritise your workload efficiently. You should also show a clear evidence of a great interpersonal skill and leadership ability because much of your responsibilities requires a great deal of team effort with other academic members of the institution.

Desire and interest for self-development are also well sought after; you should be able to keep abreast of recent developments in your field of expertise, this will help improve your general knowledge in your chosen field and also improve the students understanding in your field.

In addition to these desired attributes, you must also meet with some basic educational qualifications, which will be considered during the screening process. These qualifications will include-

  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A degree in any relevant field from a recognised institution will be an advantage.
  • A basic understanding of English language.
  • A valid teaching qualification.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years experience as a learning support provider will be an advantage.
  • Must be proficient in IT skills including Microsoft Office Suite.

Your role in this job position will entail providing supplementary teaching and assistance to students who require additional help. You will also perform a wide range of responsibilities, which will include-

  1. Developing and fostering the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of students in the institution.
  2. Working alongside subject lecturers to monitor the academic progress of students.
  3. Provide support to SEN students through the academic, personal and behavioral aspect of school life.
  4. Provide targeted support outside the classroom environment to students.
  5. Coordinate specific areas of teaching support with the right qualifications.
  6. Implement teaching programs planned for the benefit of the students under the teacher’s guidance.
  7. Promote the participation of students in the social and academic processes of the institution.
  8. Perform other related functions as will be required for this position.
  9. Collaborate effectively with other staff of the institution to provide support to students with special needs.
  10. Adhere to all policies, rules, and regulations governing the institution.

If this feels right for you, kindly submit the necessary applications.