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Here you will have access to the latest Higher Education jobs online across the UK, including London, saving you time in your search.

Whether you want to work in a specific academic department such as Engineering, History, Law or Finance. You want to become a research student or get into HE administration, management or senior leadership vacancies. AoC Jobs is here to help you find that perfect HE Job you are looking for. 

Higher education is about teaching and learning and is predominantly done at either a University or College although some HE courses can be done at an academy.  With a wide range of course options and qualifications available to students, including diploma, bachelors degree, postgraduate masters degree or PhD.  The main aim of university students is to study or train at their respected institutions in order to graduate from their course in order to better themselves or gain skills for employment within a business area.

Due to this, jobs in HE vary depending on the institution, however, a large proportion of vacancies are either teacher or lecturer positions, where you will be in charge of a class and student education.