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If you are interested in providing quality knowledge to students and you have a genuine interest in fostering academic excellence among young students in the higher education sector preferably a university or even a graduate school, then this opportunity is right for you. This role is tailored perfectly to suit persons who have a flair for teaching and have zero problems working round the clock in an educational institution.

To be considered for this role you must possess an in-depth knowledge and passion for teaching and research in the field of international relations. You must have the ability to effectively capture students interest and be able to transfer knowledge in this field effectively to them. You should also demonstrate a clear interest towards self-development, be willing to undergo any further training to broaden your knowledge in this field and also be able to keep abreast of any recent development and findings in this field.

It is also expected that you should possess an excellent communication skill both in its written and verbal form, you must be able to communicate effectively to both students and staff in a clear and concise manner. You should also be patient, articulate, maintain a great attention to detail and be willing and fully committed to fostering academic excellence among students. A great deal of organisational and time-management skill is also required for this position. You should be able to meet deadlines effectively, teach and perform your duties within the allocated time, prioritise and balance your workload efficiently even in the face of competing interests.

A great deal of interpersonal skill and a good team workability is also required, you should be able to collaborate and work effectively with other members of staff to actualise the goals of the institution. An independence of work ability is also desired, you must be able to perform your duties effectively with little or no supervision.

You must also meet with some basic educational qualifications to be considered for this position. These qualifications will include-

  • A degree in any relevant field from a recognised institution.
  • A basic understanding of English language.
  • Must be proficient in basic IT skills including Microsoft office suite.
  • A minimum of 2-3years experience as a lecturer in this field in the higher education sector.

These requirements are mandatory and are advised to be duly met.

You will perform a range of responsibilities of which will include-

  1. Deliver lectures, training, and seminars to students effectively.
  2. Develop effective teaching and learning programs for students.
  3. Contribute to the planning, design, and development of objectives and material to broaden students knowledge and understanding of your field of expertise.
  4. Set, mark and assess work and examinations and provide feedback to students.
  5. Collaborate with staff in the discipline of Political and International Studies to enhance the discipline's research profile and community engagement
  6. Collaborate with other academic staff to ensure that the academic needs of students are identified and provided for.
  7. Supervise students projects, research, field trips and where appropriate job placements.
  8. Help in creating and promoting a suitable learning environment for students.
  9. Adhere to all rules, policies, and regulations governing the institution.
  10. Perform other related duties as will be required for this role.

To demonstrate your interest in this opportunity, please respond positively by submitting the necessary applications.

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The successful candidate will assist the Head of International Business Development and International Manager of Student Recruitment and Welfare to ma

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