69 Live Learner Support / Teaching Assistant Jobs

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Below is a range of opportunities available for anyone who is interested in taking up the role of a teaching assistant. A learner support position is available to any individual who is highly interested in teaching and working with students to help them achieve their academic targets.

Ideally, this role is made specifically for anyone who has a passion for learning, tutoring, educational research, and teaching. As a teaching assistant, you should also be patient both in learning and in dealing with students in the classroom. You should also learn to be empathetic towards the students assigned to you for tutoring.

This position also demands that you learn to communicate effectively with students in other to promote learning and understanding of whatever you are teaching. Creativity is also a core necessity in this job; you should be able to engage and communicate with students at an appropriate level and also have an outstanding ability to keep things interesting in your classroom at all times.

An excellent team working ability is also required for this position if you want to excel as you will be assigned to work with other support staff, class teachers, and other professionals in the different university departments. A good organizational skill and good flexibility will also come in handy when you take upon this role. 

Apart from the general attributes of a graduate teaching assistant, there are other basic educational requirements, which include but not limited to:

  • Basic numerical skills.
  • A bachelor’s degree in any desired field from a recognized educational institution.
  • An appreciable knowledge of and understanding of computer usage.
  • Fluent in basic English language.

Teaching assistants also play a key role in any educational institution and colleges, universities, and graduate schools are not excluded. As a teaching assistant, you will form a vital frontline in the educational system of any institution you choose to work with.

Some key responsibilities you will take on include;

  1. Assisting the teacher/lecturer to deliver lessons to students in the institution.
  2. Be actively involved in guiding and monitoring students educational progress.
  3. Carrying out administrative duties such as preparing of student’s classroom resources and supplies.
  4. Reinforce lessons presented by head teachers by reviewing study materials with students occasionally.
  5. Assist head teachers to conduct and mark examinations of students.
  6. Help head teachers and even professors develop good institution approved course plans.
  7. Prepare presentations for lectures.
  8. Schedule and maintain regular office hours to meet with students.
  9. Attend lectures scheduled by the teacher who you are assisting.
  10. Supervise student’s activities efficiently.
  11. Attend training sessions or professional workshops in other to gain better knowledge and advance in your field.
  12. Deliver tailored teaching activities to students either on a personal basis or in general.
  13. Take upon any other role or play any other part in the university as this job may demand.
  14. Collaborate with other teaching assistants to actualize the colleges set standards.

There is also the advantage of developing and improving in your desired field when you take upon this role, who knows you might just become a great teacher through this career. So if you meet the above requirements, hurry now and start an application and you will be glad you did.