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Why we need librarians . . .

Ever spent ages rummaging through a jumbled bookcase to find that one piece of information? Now there are digital files to sift through too. So a librarian's role is doubly important, working with users face to face, ensuring easy and fast access to library catalogues, and teaching essential research skills in this information age. 

Key activities?

  • Build up library stocks and digital archives and make tight budgets stretch a long way
  • Catalogue, classify and index books and digital files
  • Maintain a user-friendly service
  • Adapt to the speed of digital storage and retrieval systems being installed in libraries
  • Be fully aware of new publications and keep stock up to date 
  • Teach research skills 

Rewards of the job include . . .

a chance for academics who are unwilling to become lecturers to carry on studies and active research. 


A good bachelors degree (including librarianship) plus a postgraduate librarianship qualification (PLQ). You can study for the PLQ as a library assist and sometimes get funded by your employer. Non-graduates can earn certification from the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals after five years as a library assistant or two years plus an NVQ. Completing an apprenticeship is an alternative route into the profession for those under 25.

Personal qualities?

Very careful and precise in the detailed task of ordering, recording and caring for books and digital archives; taking pride in a offering a high level of customer-service; adapting to the speed of digital change and electronic catalogues affecting access to library books and files in a world where users no longer call by to collect books but download data from home

Contracts and Hours?

Typically this type of support role tends to be a permanent role and full-time although there can be some part-time and fixed term opportunities.


Typical salary ranges for Librarian jobs in education can be...

  • £15,302 to £20,121 per annum for library assistant/administrator jobs
  • £18,718 to £22,334 per annum for library officer jobs
  • £25,269 to £38,294 per annum for library manager jobs

The above information is to give you a guide into a typical role in this area but does not reflect all jobs that are posted to AoC Jobs. All salary data is based on jobs that have been posted to AoC Jobs in this particular area from 2014-16 and does not reflect all jobs in the sector.  Salaries can be different based on your geographic location and your experience.