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Working as an officer in the education sector especially in a college, academy or school is one of the most common and available positions. Officers are found in every educational institution, their roles cuts across several faculties, departments and various offices found in such institutions.

This role is open to anyone, however, not everyone has all it takes to manage this position efficiently. To be considered as an ideal candidate for the position of an officer in any college or college, you should demonstrate some high-end skills which will include:

  • An excellent communication skill - this will promote a good working relationship between you and other employees working in the institution
  • Good planning and organizational skills.
  • The ability to work independently, making decisions and using initiative to establish projects
  • You should also demonstrate persistence and resilience as desired results are not always immediate and outcomes are not guaranteed.
  • The ability to relate to, motivate and empathize with a range of people from different backgrounds;
  • Maintain a good confidentiality level while dealing with personal matters affecting the college.
  • The ability to work alone, make decisions and use your initiative to establish projects that will promote the growth of the college.
  • People and project management skills will also come in handy.
  • A good knowledge of duties and responsibilities of the college governing bodies.

There are no set educational requirements that you must meet before you take on this role; however, it is highly recommended that you must be a graduate in any relevant field before you can take up this role.

The exact educational requirements of this role vary according to the needs of the role, but they are likely to include some of the following:

1.    A degree leading to a qualified teacher status.

2.    Possess relevant IT skills.

3.    Having a teaching qualification and experience will also be highly appreciated as you might also play a leading role in the academic development of the institution.

4.    Fluent in basic English language.

As an officer in any higher education institution, you will help to support and promote participation in the activities of the institution. Your primary role, however, will be determined by the faculty or specific division of the school you are assigned to. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Working with students in the institution to create better learning plans.
  • Undertaking the administration and evaluation of provision and reporting to advisory bodies and management groups of the institution.
  • Allocating and monitoring assigned budgets.
  • Coordinating and assessing job of assistant officers in the school.
  • Working and collaborating with head teachers in the college to deliver the educational goals of the college efficiently.
  • Advising governing bodies on the employment of teachers working in the same faculty like you.
  • Taking up other responsibilities as this role will demand.

As easy as this role might seem its tasking, it often requires sensitivity, creativity, and determination to overcome barriers and engage students actively.

There are also mouth-watering career prospects in this job which you do not want to pass up on. Take advantage of this opportunity and start your applications now!