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Sport / Physical Education Jobs

Are you seeking to pursue your passion for sports and tutoring at the same time? Then a position in the higher education sector as a sport/physical education tutor might be the right startup ground for you. This position solely requires someone who has a flair for sporting activities, physical wellness and also coaching/tutoring students in an educational institution.

Sports and physical education tutors are primarily required in any educational institution especially a college. Apart from contributing to the general academic growth of the institution they work with, they are largely responsible for maximum physical activity time within allocated class periods and also motivate students to take up sports actively.

Taking up this role demands resilience, patience, and adaptability, you also need to show an in-depth knowledge of sports, but you also have a range of skills beyond knowing sports. You must also possess an athletic ability and maintain a positive attitude towards general body fitness since you will be regarded as a primary role model in that aspect by your students.

Since working with students intensively will be a core aspect of this position, you should possess a good range of interpersonal and communication skills. Clear communications will go a long way in helping your students, and perhaps other interested staff learn your lessons. A good organisational skill is also a requirement for this role.

Apart from the general attributes which you must possess in order to be qualified for this position, there are also some basic educational qualifications which you must meet, and they include:

1.    A degree in any relevant field from a recognised institution.

2.    A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience as a sports instructor or a physical health educator.

3.    A good understanding of basic English language.

4.     Good IT skills with the ability to use Microsoft office suite (word, outlook, and excel).

5.    A teaching experience will also be an added advantage.

It is important to note that preference will be given to candidates who meet these requirements as they are not only desirable, but they are a core perquisite for you to be considered for this position.

There are core responsibilities you should expect when given this position. They include but will not be restricted to the following:

  • Planning and implementing suitable training programs for students.
  • Developing the physical and psychological fitness of students.
  • Plan and deliver lessons to students based on the educational requirements and standards of the institution.
  • Providing a safe learning environment for students to take part in sports actively.
  • Promote an in-depth knowledge and learning of sports and physical health activities among students and even staff of the institution.
  • Undertake the assessment and evaluation of student’s performance in sporting activities.
  • Promote aspects of personal developments related to physical education among students.
  • Collaborate effectively with other academic staff to realise the goal of the institution.
  • Adhere strictly to safety policies and regulations governing the school.
  • To take part in the staff development programs of the institution by actively participating in arrangements for further training and professional development.
  • To perform other related duties as will be required for this position.

It is important to understand that the above responsibilities are subject to the general duties that will be contained in your condition for employment and will be subject to change if need be.

To be considered as an ideal candidate for this position it is important that you complete the necessary applications.