33 Live Worker / Practitioner Jobs

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If you are interested and ready to work in the higher education sector preferably a college, college or even a graduate school then a career as a practitioner could be for you.

Practitioners/ workers are very much needed and useful in the higher education sector, and they provide so many services which help to foster growth in the institution. Their relevance cuts across the various faculties, departments, and offices and they perform diverse functions in the institution.

Working as a practitioner in the college is diverse, and encompasses several aspects. However, you will find this role refreshing and exciting if you are very comfortable with working with students on a daily basis and you have zero problems working in a busy organisation such as a college or a college.

To be considered as the ideal candidate for this position, you should show a degree of commitment, diligence, and dedication when you take on this role. Ability to work independently and cooperatively with other people when required will also come in handy when working in this position. Since your role will be primarily performed among a group of people, you should have the ability to relate to and communicate with a range of people on a daily basis; you should also have the drive and determination to achieve goal-oriented results when engaged with any assigned institution task.

Good problem-solving skills and ability is also a necessary requirement for the effective performance of this role; you should demonstrate an outstanding ability to manage work-load, prioritise role given task and delegate when necessary. You should also show a willingness to learn and acquire new skills even while working in this role.

This role will require some basic educational qualifications from you, and it is desirable that these qualifications are met with. Some of these qualifications will include-

•    A degree in any relevant field and from a recognised institution.

•    An appreciable knowledge of IT and computer usage.

•    Fluent in Basic English language.

•    A previous experience working in the higher education sector will be a plus to you.

This role is office-based, so you should be used to sitting down for long hours while performing your duties. Your job as a practitioner will vary according to the institution, employer, or college you are assigned to work with but it will include the following-

1.    Administering day-to-day work and activities of your office.

2.    Managing, organising, monitoring and evaluating projects in the institution.

3.    Collaborating and working with other employees to actualise set goals of the institution.

4.    Assisting students where necessary to meet their academic needs.

5.    Managing budgets and putting allocated resources to good use.

6.    Work closely with school administrators in recommending solutions and determining appropriate ways to improve the academic lives of students in the institution.

7.    Be an active member of relevant committees in the institution.

8.    To undertake any other responsibilities commensurate with grade and hours of work as may be reasonably required of you.

Your responsibilities will vary when necessary and when required, but you will not be made to perform such roles that your qualifications do not cover. 

If you made it to this point and you are interested in taking up this role, hurry now and submit your application.