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Arts Crafts and Design Jobs

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to join a team of college lecturers as a lecturer in the field of art, craft, and design? Then take a look at this opportunity because it might just be what you are looking for

This role is perfect for candidates who take a genuine interest in arts, who have a flair for creativity and are interested in teaching students to enable them to reach their full potential. To be considered as an ideal candidate for this position, you must possess a solid understanding of the arts and design process and be able to contribute effectively in your subject area. You must be willing and able to inspire students to take their first tentative steps towards independent creative thought and be able to encourage them even when they appear to have no skill.

Since the bulk of this responsibility will be mainly to teach students, you must exhibit a high degree of patience, consistency, commitment, and resilience towards this role. You must also be an effective communicator both in written and verbal communication; you should be able to deliver your message to your students in clear and concise language as this will help to promote excellence. Excellent listening ability is also important when working with both students and clients as you need to be able to build solid relationships and engender confidence.

To qualify and perform optimally in this position, you must possess a good organisational and workload management skill. You should be able to prioritise your duties even amidst conflicting situations. As a lecturer in crafts, arts, and design, you should be able to perform your role independently without much supervision. You should also have an ability to work collaboratively with other staff of the institution as at when required.

In addition to these desired attributes, you must possess some basic educational qualification, which includes:

  • A degree in a relevant art and design area form a recognised college.
  • A basic understanding and command of English language.
  • Proficient in IT skills including Microsoft office suite.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience as an arts, crafts, and design teacher.

These requirements are mandatory and must be strictly met as preference will be given to candidates who meet them.

This role comes with many basic responsibilities, which will include-

1.    Shaping and delivering courses that equip the students in the institution for undergraduate studies within the area of crafts, art, and design subjects.

2.    Contribute to the learning, teaching, and research in the field of crafts, art, and design in the institution.

3.    Prepare scheme of work, lessons, and assessment plans for students in this field.

4.    Contribute to the wide enrichment of students including supporting their needs in this field.

5.    Ensure that resource materials and teaching reflect best practice contributing to the quality of teaching provided in the institution.

6.    Contribute to the curriculum design and development of art programs in the institution.

7.    Developing links with other art institutions for the benefit of the students and promoting art, craft, and design education to develop and expand the institution's provision.

8.    Plan and organise art, craft, and design seminars and exhibition in the institution.

9.    Adhere to rules, policies, and regulations governing the institution.

10.     Perform other related duties as will be required of this position.

If this feels right for you, please submit the necessary applications. We look forward to hearing from you!

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London [Greater London]

Morley College

£32.98 incl. of holiday pay and preparation time per hour

24 Feb 2020 17:00

New tutor required to teach Laser Cutting for Printmaking and to support tutors from other departments within Art & Design to use the laser cutter across different materials.

2 Days left

Premium Job

We are currently looking for a qualified and experienced tutor with relevant vocational / professional experience to teach a Dressmaking course

4 Days left

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